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ABOUT paul

Paul Papoutsakis, R.Kin, BHK, Dip. SIM, D.Ac, CAT(C), CSCS, is the Company Therapist for the National Ballet of Canada and a multi-disciplinary practitioner at Cleveland Clinic Canada Midtown (Sports Medicine Specialists).


He has experience working with elite athletes, weekend warriors and the average person who just wants to be healthier.  This gives him the knowledge and understanding to help you recover from any minor or severe injury.


Paul will work with other members of your health-care team to provide you with the service that maximizes your recovery and performance.  His passion for what he does is driven by the results he will get you.  Turn to him for a customized program that will help you regain your functional mobility.


Paul is a member on the Task Force for Dancer Health (DanceUSA) and has served on both the Executive Committee of the OATA (past Chairman/Treasurer), and as a member of the Education Committee of the CATA


Past professional experience

  • Tour Therapist - Stars On Ice Figure Skating Tour 2002/2003

  • Club Therapist - Balmy Beach Rugby Football Club 2001-2004



  • CKO (College of Kinesiologists of Ontario)

  • CATA (Canadian Athletic Therapist Association)

  • OATA (Ontario Athletic Therapist Association)

  • NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association)

  • IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine & Science)

  • CEBHCP (Canadian Examining Board of Health-Care Professionals)

  • CCCA (Canadian Council of Certified Acupuncturists)


  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics - B.H.K. (UBC 1995)

  • Diploma in Sports Injury Management - Dip. SIM (Sheridan College 2000)

  • Certified Athletic Therapist - CAT(C) 2000

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist - CSCS 1999/2014

  • Doctorate of Acupuncture - D.Ac. 2001

  • Fascial Stretch Therapist - FST Level 1 - 2013

  • Diploma of Somatotherapy (Myofascial Stretching/ELDOA's) - 2007

  • Manual Osteopathic Techniques (Fasciae/Pelvis/Joint Pumping) - 2007

  • Muscle Energy Techniques/Strain-Counter Strain - 2000

  • Chartered Herbalist Diploma - 2002

  • Mulligan Concept "Mobilizations with Movement" - 2005

  • Soft-Tissue Release Techniques - 2005

  • Sports First Responder & CPR "HCP" Healthcare Professional (current)



Injury Assessment

Paul will conduct an assessment through an in-depth interview to determine your limitations, cause and severity of your injury.  This determines if further medical follow-up is required.  Then, a home program is provided to help you relieve your pain and  start you on your path to better health.


These assessments are the basis of his plan of action with regards to treating his clients.  He offers assessments for all orthopedic conditions including back pain, neck pain, headaches, overuse/chronic injuries and any acute, traumatic neurological dysfunction.

Manual Therapy Rehabilitation

Manual therapy techniques are geared towards getting your joints moving.  Paul provides relief through muscle energy and many other soft-tissue techniques.  


Then he gets you  moving, because once you get moving, it gets easier to stay moving.  He works with you to restore your full mobility and normal function.

Exercise Rehab Prescription

You'll receive your exercise rehab prescription after your assessment and treatment.  


Paul will prescribe an exercise or routine that can be customized and effective for your condition.  Your prescription will not only help your injury but promote total body health.

Functional Training

Functional Training focuses on the end-result of what you are seeking to achieve.  


Paul will develop a training program specific to your needs, to help reach your goals.  His training regimen dynamically works your entire body.  


"Paul Papoutsakis has been our company’s Athletic Therapist for the past 15 years.  He is responsible for all assessments and rehabilitation of our ballet dancers, as well as any emergency, first-aid care.  Paul’s knowledge and appreciation of the art of dance, as well as the application of his manual skills, have been indispensable assets when dealing with the daily wear and chronic care of our dancers’ injuries.  In this environment, he respects that “the show must go on” as he works with each dancer to optimize their individual performance on stage.  These are the traits that separate Certified Athletic Therapists from others in the health-care field and we are very fortunate to have him on our medical team."


"Paul Papoutsakis is one of the most outstandingly talented therapists that I have ever received treatment from.  Paul has a huge arsenal of techniques and therapies at his disposal.  Everything from preventative treatments to rehabilitation techniques.  He helped me a lot during my 3-month stay in Toronto.  I plan on returning to Toronto again soon and plan on setting up an appointment with Paul as one of the first things I do.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  He's definitely the "go to" guy for treatment in Toronto."


"Paul Papoutsakis is one of the best bodyworkers in the business, hands down.  Paul's experience, knowledge, and gentle manner make him my number one resource when our clients experience injuries or setbacks.  He not only is an experienced Athletic Therapist, but he is accomplished in Acupuncture as well, allowing him to get our clients back into the gym in a safe and timely manner.  With every client I send to Paul, I get a glowing review back.  Highly recommended!"